musings on style


A woman comes through the door all a-flutter.  She has learned that she will finally be receiving her just due.  She whoops, high fives herself and tries to do the wave before the panic sets in. She has more clothes than god and not a thing to wear. She describes herself as having no style, a common mistake by women with lousy wardrobes. As we work together the woman tells me that I’m a genius. As much as I hate to dissuade anyone who finds me brilliant I have to set her straight. She’ll find out anyway. Getting her look together is very doable but it will require the cessation of mall shopping. If you want to look like you shop in a boutique, I tell her, then do so. I know that’s self serving but it’s also true.

Lesson #1  Great anchor pieces are timeless, versatile, feel great on and say something about who are. Or who you wish you were.

A bubble skirt by Moyuru, my Studio 90 Forever dress, a Rundholz jacket and Porto pants are the anchor pieces. We add a few Babette tops, Neesh layering pieces, and an Elemente Clemente vest. By the time we get to the scarves and jewelry our heroine has figured it out and is having a blast. She no longer finds me to be a savant. She knows she can do this. With her look together she exits the shop and moves toward her future in the spotlight.




hillary, spring and lousy jobs


I must be the only one who’s 
surprised that hillary is running.
that woman has it all
she’s already had two much better jobs than the one she’s applying for.  
she has cash, pensions, a cute husband who plays the sax,
a good kid, a grandkid
and she’s never looked better.
she can have and do anything she wants
and she wants to enter that cesspool?
I just don’t get it.
at the other end of the spectrum is Turley Road
where the racks are packed with the best 
of our spring line up
and our website has new pics
come say hi.

It must be Spring

It’s St Patrick’s weekend in Chicago, a city that takes its Irishness very seriously. The Chicago River is dyed green, there are two major parades, several fun runs, pub crawls and people of all nationalities and races wearing the green. Studio 90 opened in 1990 and our very first employee was a lovely lass named Jackie Evans. She was fresh from Ireland, hard working, smart and very witty. She found our version of St Patrick’s Day to be a huge departure and a hell of a lot more fun then what she left in Ireland, where the bars were closed and the pious prayed to the great saint. Corned beef? In Ireland, she said, that’s Jewish food. Not to doubt Jackie, I did my research. I asked my father, he being of Irish descent. Turns out that beef, corned or otherwise, was the food of kings. Cows gave you milk and cheese. You didn’t eat them. Pigs were for eating. Cows for milking. Since we, as a country, have rewritten the holiday to fit our lifestyle I will do the same. I will celebrate my half irishness with a vodka martini and a nice kale salad. By the way, Spring has arrived at Turley Road. The racks are full of fabulous garb to celebrate the man who drove the snakes from the Emerald Isle. Slainte!

there’s nothing like a great vest

ellieblack900veganvest900daleevans900 copy

I’ve always liked vests. When I was a kid in a catholic school uniform, I couldn’t wait to be in 7th grade where I was able to exchange the juvenile jumper for a box pleat plaid skirt and a very cool emerald green vest. Since then I’ve collected vests and have made sure to always have a selection in the shop. These days we have several winners in stock. My personal favorite is the Ellie vegan vest from Jakett with it’s diaginal zipper lthat looks great closed or left open. There are even wires in the lapels for shaping and adding to its aged leather looked.

It’s my favorite but I love them all.





the joy of buying


My bags are packed and pencils sharpened. I’m ready for NY and the spring ’15 market. With the recession behind us, buying has become fun again. Nothing like a little prosperity to get those creative juices flowing. There were so many great pieces. I wanted them all. But alas, that’s not how retail works. This photo is from the Rundholz showroom taken last February when I was buying for now, fall ’14. We’ve received 2 out of 3 of our fall shipments from Rundholz and have already sold out of some styles. With Rundholz, as well as most of our designers, there are no reorders. And that is how retail works.

Kelsey’s Picks for the First Snow

Ciao!  Kelsey here.  I’ve been with Turley Road since July.  As a resident of Andersonville and a costume designer for the bustling theatre scene here in Chicago, my love for Turley Road is multi-faceted.

With the arrival of our first real snow here in Chicago I wanted to draw attention to one of my favorite pieces that we have in the shop right now…the aptly name Cozy Dress from Neesh.


Neesh by D.A.R. has provided us with some wonderful sweaters and knits this season, but this is hands down my top pick.  The soft knit of the body both keeps you warm AND hugs the figure just perfectly around the bust and hangs in a universally flattering a-line past the hips. The snug sleeves keep the warmth in while still allowing you to move.  With added details around the wide scoop neck and hem, this little number is the perfect pick-me-up outfit for a chilly day.

Fair warning:  while this garment is called a “dress” it is tunic length on most women.  If you are taller pair it with a pair of thick leggings or skinny jeans.  If you are on the shorter side you may be able to get away with just tights on the bottom.  Add your favorite pair of boots and your are ready to tackle the chill.


Pining for fall

Hi! This is Jenn.  I have been apart of the Turley team for a mere six months but already my wardrobe has expanded to include some of Turley Road’s most beloved designers including  Studio 90, Porto, and Fidji.

It isn’t difficult for us at Turley Road to celebrate the coming of fall.  Why grumble at the crisp autumnal day?  Especially when fall is accompanied with  the arrival of some of our absolute favorite pieces!

The most recent addition to my fall wish list is Tish’s Everest Coat.  Forget about those days spent in a white puff of loose down.  The Everest Coat features a polyester filling that will leave your waist defined and your shivering spine soothed.

downcoat900 downcoat1900

Head over to our web store to shop all of Angela’s fall selections!

Arts Weekend


it’s arts weekend and the night of a 100 parties
Few places stir my heart like
the ruins of City Methodist. 
The city of Gary, too broke to demolish the building, 
allows us to enter at our own risk to make movies, 
take photos or just to take it all in. 
I can’t stay away, I’m intrigued by the place. 
Not just because there is much beauty in the decay but because it’s a perfect metaphor for all that befell Gary when the steel industry packed up and left the US.

thank the gods,
 that we learned our lesson
and fought so gallantly to save the auto industry.
just think… in less than a month, we get to vote again.

in the meantime,
this friday we launch arts weekend with 
the night of a 100 parties.
ours will consist of the 
photography of Tracy Poyser,
wine, cheese and a sale
20% off the item of your choice 
and another 10% off all sale items

we’ll be open until 10ish
sales ends sunday at 5